Launching an Accredited Program with Woolf

January 12, 2022

Acquiring and maintaining accreditation can be a huge hurdle. The leadership of growing but unaccredited education organizations often feel left out of being part of “legitimate” higher education — even when their courses are academically rigorous and their faculty highly trained. For these organizations, Woolf makes it possible to meet accreditation requirements and maintain quality standards.

Many universities have 50% of their staff dedicated to administration and compliance, and accreditation touches every aspect of these processes. Woolf is the first global collegiate higher education institution that lets qualified organizations join as accredited member colleges at a fraction of the price and speed.

Woolf’s software platform handles everything from course creation to degree issuance, so higher education institutions can meet and maintain regulatory and university standards instead of staying in the smaller, unofficial education market. Member colleges get full accreditation, plus all the benefits of being a part of a global institution while staying independent.

What’s more, the old accreditation system results merely in local accreditation at either a regional or national level. Collaborating with universities across borders still remains a nearly impossible challenge, even though students increasingly need to study and work across borders.

Woolf provides a technology-based solution for managing borderless accreditation and academic credit mobility. Our platform currently offers degrees in the European ECTS system, one of the most widely accepted forms of accreditation in the world that is shared by 50 countries.