We help successful academics and entrepreneurs from leading organizations to start new, globally accredited colleges.
Woolf is the first collegiate higher education institution that lets qualified organizations join as accredited member colleges.
How it Works
Apply to join
If your college is admitted, you’ll register all the teachers, including at least 2 academics with PhDs. You can use our tools to create your courses, or migrate existing courses.
Woolf’s software platform helps organizations meet and maintain regulatory and institutional standards by handling everything from course creation to degree issuance, so you get full accreditation and all the benefits of being a part of a major university with the status of an independent member college. We’ll help you succeed.
Your approved college will be verified and admitted. You can start offering accredited courses and degrees in approved subjects. New subjects may require additional approval.
Accreditation Process
College signs membership agreement
Day 1
College onboarding starts
Week 1
Accreditation requirements analysis
Week 2
Yes, courses match
Match courses to existing licenses
No, need to file
Regulatory filings for new licenses
Course content setup on platform
Week 3
Academic board formation & credential checks
Academic board setup
Two PhDs verified
Faculty verified and setup on platform
Week 4
College configuration & verification
Set launch date
Launch your accredited college
Ongoing compliance
Ongoing quality assurance
Ongoing reporting
With Woolf, accepted member colleges get accredited and launch in about 12 weeks.
Woolf provides 100% digital compliance management - for online and offline institutions.
We have 7 member colleges, and growing.
Our colleges operate globally across 7 countries.
Globally recognized accreditation and legitimacy for your organization.
Global recognition
The same accreditation as other universities
Unlike staying in the smaller, unofficial education market and having to explain why you aren't accredited, Woolf provides its member colleges access to the accredited higher education market.
Real degrees
We’re a licensed, accredited higher education institution, and you’ll be offering recognized degree certificates—no more explaining why you aren’t accredited.
Join us
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For new education providers, accreditation is frustrating and complicated, but it is core to the $2tn higher ed industry. Woolf software makes accreditation more simple and affordable, providing educators with global recognition for their work.
Is the accreditation real?
Yes, we provide globally recognized accreditation using the European Credit Transfer System, which is recognized by universities around the world. We do not cut any corners or permit lowered standards - our software makes this compliance easy.
Do I need to have a PhD?
Your college will need to have at least 2 PhDs in your school to get started. Your PhDs will provide feedback and approval on curriculum adjustments. We can help.
Why should I care?
Accreditation through Woolf gives your courses the recognition they deserve, gives your students the confidence to stay in their studies, and provides you the freedom to innovate.
What is the business model?
Woolf charges all its member colleges a flat annual fee.
Start the path toward accreditation today